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Merry Christmas everybody! I´m currently in Calahonda, Spain celebrating Christmas! I am trying to relax and not to work at all but I had to pop by the lovely Daves radio channel 93.6 Global Radio for a quick chat and a premier play of my next single "Seven Emotions". He loved it and I can´t wait for the release day which is January 15th!

Until then I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and of course a splendid New Year! 2016 will be great!



We are happy to announce that Into the Sun went straight to number 1 on Vegatoppen (while Hallowed Ground is number 2) and is playing on the regular playlists on Radio Vega, Sisuradio in Sweden and on the largest radio station in Finland - Radio Suomi!

The video has been featured on several websites and musicblogs!

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