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Today we are happy to announce that Jannike´s first single in Germany, Switzerland and Austria is out! The single Hallowed Ground is written by Linda Thompson (US) and Niklas Rosström (FIN).

You can find the new, edited version of the song on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. An acoustic version is also available!

Hope you enjoy it!

Seven Emotions is now available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube!

Let´s bring out all the seven emotions in each other!

Click on the picture to buy it on iTunes!


Merry Christmas everybody! I´m currently in Calahonda, Spain celebrating Christmas! I am trying to relax and not to work at all but I had to pop by the lovely Daves radio channel 93.6 Global Radio for a quick chat and a premier play of my next single "Seven Emotions". He loved it and I can´t wait for the release day which is January 15th!

Until then I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and of course a splendid New Year! 2016 will be great!



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