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Jannike is a singer/musician from Finland. Her childhood is described using the words from Abba´s famous song, as saying; "Mother says I was a dancer before I could walk. She says I began to sing long before I could talk".


Music has always been a part of Jannike's life. Aside from always singing at home and performing, for the first time, as a 3- year-old, she went to the public music school for piano and violin lessons and was involved in many choirs and orchestras.

Jannike was later accepted to the famous Sibelius-Academy where she began studying music on a professional level to make music her career. During those years she was an active musician and singer in various bands, often as the soloist, but sometimes as a backing vocalist for famous artists such as Jari Sillanpää, Jukkapoika, Robin, Katri-Helena, Peter Jöback (SWE), Loreen (SWE), Jennifer Brown (SWE) etc. Jannike was also a popular music teacher and an active choir conductor.


In the year 2008 Jannike auditioned for the finnish version of "American Idol" and got through. She ended up finishing in 9th place in the whole competition and received a taste of fame for a short while. After "Idols" Jannike withdrew herself from the limelight and continued studying, teaching music and working on her own music projects.


After a break that lasted several years, Jannike finally recorded some music in 2012, this time in swedish. "Bara Stunden" (under her complete name Jannike Sandström) was released in two different versions and was often played on the swedish speaking radio in Finland. In 2013 she released a swedish Christmas-song with the artist Thomas Lundin and the Lucia-choir, conducted by Jannike.

In February 2014 it was time for a new start and Jannike´s first single in english was released. Jannike also changed her artist name to just JANNIKE.

"I don´t believe in Fairy tales" was often played on the radio and the video was partly made in Greece. The single was written by Niklas Rosström and Paul Oxley and was even played on Spanish radio where Jannike had some gigs in March 2015.


In April 2014 Jannike was in L.A. shooting her third video (released in May 2015). She had the chance to meet songwriter Linda Thompson, who happens to be Elvis´s last girlfriend and has written many hits such as "I have nothing" by Whitney Houston. Linda liked Jannike´s voice and wanted to work with her. As a result, the second single "Hallowed Ground" (and video) was released January 16th 2015 on iTunes, Spotify and Youtube. Jannike first performed the song at the Christmas Concert "Joulu Mielelle" arranged by Lastenklinikoiden Kummit r.y.  The concert was broadcasted on MTV3 in december. The song did very well and spent 12 weeks as number 1 on the chart Vegatoppen (Radio Vega) before dropping to number 2. Suprisingly, the following week it went back to number one again and Jannike was called the most popular artist of the channel. It also reached number 5 on Radio Suomi, the largest radio station in Finland. The story and video was featured on several large websites such as Ilta-sanomat.

Jannike´s third single, "Into the Sun", was released 15th of May 2015.

The same day it went straight to number one on the chart Vegatoppen while Hallowed Ground was number 2. The radiohost playfully announced 15th of May as "the Jannike Sandström Day". Several big radiostations such as Radio Vega, Radio Suomi (where it debuted as number 8) and Sisuradio in Sweden picked up the single. The video was also the first video to be featured on many international music sites and blogs and Jannike gained more attention in Europe.

"Hallowed Ground" stayed on the Vegatoppen chart an amazing 35 weeks and Into the Sun was on the chart for 14 weeks after dropping out of the top 6.

Jannikes 4th single ”Seven Emotions” was released 15th of January 2016. The musicvideo, made in Berlin and Helsinki, is black and white and more artistic than ever. The song features the man behind Robbie Willimas hitsongs - Guy Chambers and was topping the Vegatoppen-chart and was also being played on Radio Metro Helsinki and Radio Suomi. 


On the same day as the release of Seven Emotions Jannike also announced that she has signed with a Record company in Germany and will be released as a new artist in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She had kept this a secret for a very long time and the news made some headlines.


On March 11th 2016 "Hallowed Ground" - the European Edition was released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria! The music video was featured on all the TV-screens at all the McDonald´s and Burger King restaurants in Germany and was shown over 400 000 times.


In April Jannike announced that she got signed to the booking Agency Live Nation Finland which was a very big step in her career.

On May 20th 2016 Hug Me, a very happy summer song, was released. The song has gotten great radio air play on the radio channels in Finland and was also number one at Vegatoppen. A remix was released on Jannike´s birthday.

Hug Me was released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria on Jannike´s birthday 24th of June 2016. Also this video was chosen to be shown at the hamburger restaurants and the song also madeit  into the German Radio airplay Charts. It was no 11 on the Konzervative official chart in Germany. The song also reached no 9 on the chart of Radio Berlin.

On November 11th 2016 Jannike´s winter single "I´m still missing you" was released. The song is about missing someone around Christmas time and getting flashbacks to a previous winter. The song is featured by a children´s choir from the Sunan koulu in Espoo. The song was a popular song at Jouluradio, Radio Vega and Radio Suomi.

On the international Women´s Day 2017 Jannike released the brand new single "In your head" to encourage all the women being criticised for their looks to remember the negativity is only in people´s heads created by the media and bad comments among people. The illusion of "how a woman should look like" is only IN YOUR HEAD! The song and the message got a lot of attention in the finnish media and Jannike was featured in many news papers and tv-shows. The song got played on many radio stations in Finland, one of them being Radio Suomi - the largest station in Finland.

In Germany, "In your Head", is Jannike´s biggest success. It stayed on the chart of Radio Berlin for several weeks and peaked at no 2. All of Jannike´s singles in Germany have been featured on the german MTV and VIVA sites.

After several singles - Jannike´s album "The Girl in the Picture was finally released on April 7th 2017 and got a lot of press and media coverage. Jannike had a great record release concert in Helsinki and it was the happiest night of her life!

The album is yet to be released in Germany.

In May it was revealed that the album has won the competition "best album of the month" chosen by the local radio station editors!

"Sorry for Yourself" was the first single to be released since the album and the mid-tempo song was released worldwide in February 2018. This time Jannike did some interviews on several german radio stations (where it also got radio airplay) and had her first gig in Berlin on the day of the release. 

Her new single At Forever´s End was released 05.04 and Jannike celebrated the release with a special concert in Helsinki the same day.

The music video was released 18.04 and was shot in London and Helsinki. 

In early 2020 Jannike released her latininspired song "Vanity Fair". It was co-written by the swedish "Eurovision king" Thomas G:sson, norwegian Jonas Jenssen and Niklas Rosström and of course Jannike herself.

During Covid-19 Jannike invited her music friends all around the world and together they released the single "So many People, so many stories" to give people hope during the pandemic. The video was edited by Jannike herself.

On May 19th it was announced that Jannike will drop a duet with legendary 3 time Eurovision song contest winner Johnny Logan. The single was released June 18th and the pair also did some gigs together during the summer in both Germany and Finland. Listen to the song HERE. You can watch the official music video HERE.

The single "Welcome to my life" was released February 28th and the album with the same name February 4th! Follow THIS link to get to the album!


Jannike also released a live session from legendary Abbey Road Studios to celebrate the new album. Find the video HERE.

Jannike released an album in her native tongue swedish on her birthday on 24th of June 2022. Stream it HERE





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