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We are happy to announce that Jannike will release 4 tracks from her live recording at legendary Abbey Road studios! The songs will be available this fall. In the meanwhile get a sneak peak of the songs in Jannike´s short documentary from Abbey Road studio 2!

Jannike has been dreaming of releasing an album in her native language swedish and now the dream is here! The album "24 juni", meaning "24th of June", is named after her birthday at Midsummer. The songs are very personal, written for special occasions like weddings where Jannike has sung the songs. There are also some well known swedish covers.

The album is available on all streamings services and can also be bough (like all the other albums) as an actual physical album from the webshop.

You´ll find the album on Spotify HERE

So Welcome to my life the single has been in luck lately. It got added to Yle Radio Suomi´s playlist which is the biggest radio station in Finland. It is also added to a bunch of playlists on all kinds of digital plattforms.

Aaaand.. the video has been out on Youtube for a while. Check it out HERE.

AAAAND a 80´s vibe remix was just released! You can find it HERE.

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