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Jannike just got back from another writing trip in Los Angeles and is very excited to share her new material with you soon!

We have some great new songs co-written with very talented songwriters in Berlin! Stay tuned!

All happy in Berlin with Niklas Rosström (Jannike´s manager and partner) and Dillon Dixon from Nashville!

Another great session in Berlin with german Nils Brunkhorst (who also is a famous actor!) and Phil Sunday!

Finally Sorry for Yourself is also out in the nordic countries. The song has gotten a great welcome in Germany where it was released in January.

The song is really personal to Jannike because she wrote it to her younger self who suffered from eating disorders and depression <3 She really hopes someone else in a similar situation gets hope from this song.

The song is available on all streaming and download services and there is also a music video on Youtube.




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