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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Just one look – new single out on the 18th of June!

Three time Eurovision Eurovision Song Contest winner Johnny Logan pairs up with Finnish pop singer Jannike in a catchy duet this summer. The stakes are high and the plans even larger when Jannike meets legend Johnny Logan on the co-written song ”Just one look”.

'If I can´t participate in Eurovision, I have to bring Eurovision to me,' Jannike laughs.

'I think working and developing relationships with new artists is an extremely important part of music today,' Logan says. 'Co-operation with other musicians allows you to keep the excitement and energy that music brings.'

”Just one look” is an uptempo song with a slight motown influence. The whole idea came to us last summer.

'Working on ”Just one look” has been a great experience. I feel Jannike´s voice and mine work well together and I´m looking forward to touring and promoting the song with her as soon as possible,' says Logan.

'I have always loved Eurovision and Johnny Logan is a legend! After all, he's the only person to win multiple times so it´s unbelievable that we are working together now,' says Jannike with excitement.

Logan can be seen at The Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam this week and Jannike´s next full lenght album, ”Welcome to my life” will be released during Autumn 2021.

The pair will perform a couple of gigs together this summer both in Finland and in Germany.

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